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We want to hear how UNT is a part of your history. Is your family a legacy family, at least three generations of students to have attended UNT? Do you have a UNT love story to share? Or who are your favorite people and what are your favorite places and traditions? Tell us what made your UNT experience special.

These memories may be included in other publications and websites, such as North Texan magazine. We reserve the right to edit for content and space.

Make your submissions by emailing your memories and photos to northtexan@unt.edu.

University Memory Collection

The digital materials found in UNT Special Collections’ University Memory Collection document the unique people and events that comprise the Mean Green community – and you can contribute to the collection through the Keeper app. From a selfie on your first day of class to a video on your graduation day, UNT Libraries wants it all. Images, documents, videos, and audio recordings are all welcome contributions.


I love the UNT , by the time I was studying to pursue the MBA Program it was North Texas State University(NTSU), and changed to UNT, Denton, Texas later on...I spent almost two years in Kendall Hall during Fall 1971 -1973 to pursue the MBA ptogram. After I got the degree I came down to San Bernardino, California and work in business office of Loma Linda Hospital on the training basis.

ธีระนันท์ เกษะประกร on Facebook

Even though I received my BS degree from UNT then NTSU in 77 I started my teaching career in 2013. Never gave up the dream. My husband who I met in 74 at school graduated in 2011. It was worth the journey and all our stories make us who we are. Congratulations on the perseverance!

Shelley Wylie on Facebook

Hello from Norway. Graduated 1998. Tower looks the same!

Hågen Solheim on Facebook

Oh how I would love to re-live those moments back in the early 60's when I arrived in Denton. Those days remain some of the most rewarding and important of my life. I love North Texas and wish all the best to all of you!

Rex Winn on Facebook

One of my favorite spots was standing on my Gazebo bricks before the Gazebo was moved a few feet away in favor of the new UB. Of course my first memory of this spot was when the old swimming pool was located in this area. Great times at UNT!

Danny Linn on Facebook

My daughter, Pebbles!! 2020 Tascosa Grad #IAMUNT UNT College of Music Class of 2024

Pamela Nickerson on Facebook

My son José!! 2020 Grad #IAMUNT Denton class of 2024

Irene Santos Rivas on Facebook

Love is in the air. Congratulations Madhuri Ponnam Bommineni and Ramchandra Reddy on your engagement.

Photo by Raja Ganduri